Do you know any genuinely free dating sites?


Yea, I like talking over the internet a little more than trying to flirt with people who may not actually be single, so do you know of any good dating sites that:
-Are free
-Require no credit card
-No "You must pay $19.95 to talk to this person" crap
A good example is www.speedate.com, 10 points to whoever helps!

Yes, there is a site called wheresmystar, I reviewed it a while ago, you can read what I think about the site in details here http://chatteress.blogspot.com/2008/05/free-online-dating-at-wheresmystar.html

In brief, it’s 100% free. They don’t ask you for credit card information and they also do matching. The webmaster is available if you need to contact him and he adds new features as the users request them. It’s not one of those huge sites but it’s worth a try. At least you know it will never cost you anything.


What is a good age to lose your virginity?


I realize that losing your virginity is a personal thing; it depends on when YOU’RE ready, and who you’re with. But, nowadays teenagers think they’re ready at any age; so in reality what age is appropriate to lose your virginity? I’m almost 15 years-old, and my boyfriend is nearly 16. We’ve been dating for 3 months and this may sound weird, but we’re planning on it after about a little more than half a year of dating. I feel like I’m ready…and I really want to with him. And I know that the feeling is mutual; is it bad that after only a little amount of time dating I want to commit myself in that way to him? And should I? I don’t know what to think, so please help … Thank you

Lexiee… I’m still a virgin at age 23, and I’m proudly saving myself for marriage.

Did I ever feel horny and want to lose it? HELL YES!!! But I’ve also observed firsthand what happens to those who didn’t wait.

A few friends and numerous classmates I knew lost their virginity as teens. The outcomes were rarely positive.
- Some girls got pregnant, caught an STD, or had their hearts totally broken.
- Some girls claimed it was the best thing ever, but then they became sl*tty and started screwing anything that had a heartbeat.
- A few cried for days afterwards.
- A few seemed to have learned their lesson, and decided to wait until they got married.
- A few couples stayed together for the Baby, but their relationships were full of stress and drama (ever seen "Teen Mom" on MTV?).
- Some were grounded after their parents found out about the sex.
- Most ended up with a sl*tty reputation, because the guys always blabbed to everyone.
- I didn’t even want to know how many girls aborted & killed their Baby.
- None of the girls knew if a guy wanted to date her because he liked her, or if he was just a pig who expected easy access into her p*ssy.
- One older guy was arrested for statutory rape, and he spent some time in prison.

Keeping my virginity for marriage has been very enlightening. That one single policy has unmasked countless miserable jerks who at first seemed genuinely nice… until they discovered that they weren’t getting any. That’s when the mask dropped and they showed their true intentions, their true character, their morals & standards, and their priorities.

A guy who screws a teenage female will rarely be around for the long haul. He often won’t give a crap about her. He’ll usually be a guy who doesn’t respect her, her body, her heart, her soul, her feelings, her values, her history, her family, her dreams, her tears, her fears, or her future.

Afterwards, he’ll leave her lying in a pool of her own tears.

On a semi-related note (on which I seem to be in the minority these days)… I just don’t think that a sexually mature female should attempt to look like a prepubescent little girl down there (meaning slightly trimmed is what I do with my pubic hair). That’s simply my opinion.

The trend towards the complete lack of pubic hair apparently started back in the 1990′s. Bill Clinton made oral sex "mainstream" when his activities with Monica Lewinsky gained worldwide press coverage. However, a female is not required to perform oral sex upon command (nor is she required to have it performed on her) just because a guy asks for it.

If a female wants to engage in oral sex, fine… that’s her choice. Personally, I don’t want to engage in oral sex. That’s my choice.

However, if a guy’s dick is infested with STD’s… then she’ll get STD’s in her mouth. Good luck with that!!!

Here’s some simple dating advice for you:
- When you find a nice BF, then keep him happy by giving him some simple problem to solve (homework), ask him to assist you with something helpful but definite that has an ending (like washing your Dad’s car), and give him some compliments. He also might like to bake sugar cookies with you…. but only if you promise to give him some of the raw dough to eat.
- Don’t make the mistake of thinking that a BF will become your BFF. It ain’t gonna happen. Guys simply don’t want to sit around and talk endlessly about your feelings, their feelings, their history, their future with you, who did what to whom, or whatever. Sorry!
- Females trying to talk to a BF in endless detail about her issues and conflicts only serves to make a guy really annoyed. Why? Because young females rarely listen to or implement any advice given by their BF for a solution, and then the following day the BF is expected to listen to their GF’s next load of crap ALL OVER AGAIN… crap that she won’t take any advice for anyway.

Below are a few links that you might find interesting.



How can I use online dating effectively?


I’m nearly 28 and single. I know online dating isn’t the best way to meet someone, but as I don’t get to meet men in everyday life and as most of my friends have children so we don’t go out often anymore – and when we do it’s to go shopping or the cinema – so I don’t get to go anywhere to meet them, it’s pretty much the only option for me. I’ve tried it in the past but had very little luck with it, most of the men who contacted me were only after a hook up (not my thing). I did go on a few one off rubbish dates and dated someone I met off one for about 2 months (didn’t end well). Any tips on how I can use them more effectively?

I have never used one, but might resort to it due to the facts my standards as far as personality are so unique, not necessarily high but unique… I guess be totally honest in your interests and expectations.. trial and error


What good dance clubs are in the Mumbai area for an American girl?


Going to Mumbai on June 1st, and I want to go out the next night. Any fun clubs with Younger, single sexy Indian men, and like hip hop/ dance??

All the major 5-star hotels have dance clubs in them. For example the JW Marriott in Juhu.

Most Indian clubs will hardly accept single girls by themselves. Entry is given to couples and groups. I have been to many clubs in Mumbai. There are no singles inside.

In India, most people practice arranged marriage. This means that there is no ‘singles scene’, in clubs or anywhere else. People generally do not go out to meet people of the opposite sex in India.


99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having SEX: How to Marry the Right Man


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Well, Armani Valentino’s book, 99 Questions You Must Ask a Man Before Sleeping with Him & Definitely Before Having SEX, just might be that book. It is a practical straight forward guide that will leave the reader enlightened on all levels. The book covers every area of what could possibly come up in a relationship. Big Boom, Steve Harvey’s best friend and Bodyguard, Best-selling author and the self-proclaimed “Bodyguard for Women’s Heart’s” says, “Armani is right on point. His generation and others need this book.”

Armani Valentino believes that his book is a great tool for those wanting to be in a relationship and for those already involved. He says, “Most of the time people don’t really know what to ask. Many people like to avoid asking questions for fear of finding out something they don’t want to know. The sad part about this is, STD’s are on the rise. Even if you don’t contract an STD, you may get involved with a total basket case that might abuse you emotionally and physically. These things along with so many other possibilities are usually due to not asking enough of the right questions before you get emotionally and sexually involved.”

Some women feel that the man will lie to them anyway. Therefore, Mr. Valentino has included his chapter, “The Art of Asking Questions.” This chapter teaches you how to become an interview expert . Fortune 500 companies use this to process to choose the best candidates. Armani feels that women should treat themselves as if they are Fortune 500 companies.

Armani Valentino says, “My book is a spiritually based book that all people can benefit from in some way. No matter if you are single, dating, engaged, and even married. You will find something in the book that will enrich your life or others around you.” He also says, “The non-physical side of SEX is something that we need to talk more openly about. I think my book helps individuals to do this. That’s why Chapter 4 of the book is probably my favorite. Chapter 4 is “Love & SEX…The Two Most Powerful Energies and How Not to Get the Two Confused.”

The 3-year National Best-seller, “99 Questions,” written by one of the nation’s premiere dating/relationship experts, Armani Valentino, is now available in all ebook formats.

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Everyone knows someone that can benefit from this book.

Armani Valentino says, “Most of the time we think we know what to ask before getting involved with someone. Although we probably do, we don’t have that information in-front of us in a manner like this when we need it. Therefore, my book acts a reference guide to help in the process. It’s kind of like dating insurance.”



The Babe Magnet Rules of Dating Over 50: 101 Tips for Meeting, Winning & Keeping a New Love


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The Babe Magnet Rules of Dating Over 50: 101 Tips for Meeting, Winning & Keeping a New Love explains how any man can turn himself into a “Babe Magnet” and win the heart of the woman of his dreams. The 101 “Babe Magnet Rules” contained in this book literally walk you through the entire dating process—from the first step of believing that you’ll find love to the tips for keeping the passion alive once you’ve found the Babe of your dreams. Along the way, there are practical gems of advice about online dating, the truth about pickup lines, how and where to meet women, what every woman really wants most, how to end a relationship that isn’t working, when to introduce your new lover to your kids, how to maintain a positive attitude even when your love life isn’t going so well, how to use your masculine energy to guarantee she’ll be attracted to you, and much, much more.

The Babe Magnet Rules of Dating Over 50 offers plenty of advice and insights for women, too. Chad Stone reveals exactly how a single woman can attract the man she wants—and how she can get him to commit.

The practical advice and humorous anecdotes in the book come from Mr. Stone’s personal experience. He got divorced after a long marriage, and he embraced over-50 dating as a new adventure and a new learning experience. He successfully navigated the dating waters with gusto, and met the last love of his life. He is now happily married and happy to share the secrets to finding love—no matter how old or young you are.

Chad Stone is also the author of the humorous bestseller Confessions of a Middle-Aged Babe Magnet: One Man’s Brave Adventure into Dating Again in the 21st Century.



Drinking My Way Through 14 Dating Sites (Kindle Single)


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Product DescriptionSick of feeling heartbroken over her most recent breakup and underwhelmed by the rest of her life, Tiffany Peón decided to embark on a social experiment. Over the course of one year, she used fourteen different online dating sites including Craigslist, speed dating and The Atlasphere, a site for fans of Ayn Rand. Through drunken interactions with strangers, she learned the ins and outs of the online dating world and eventually found her way back to the relationship that started it all.

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